Wet Weather

During the 2020 season there will be times when the training venues that we access (Nesbitt Park, Lugar Park & Kotara Park) are unable to be used because the fields are unfit due to wet weather. It is the Club’s desire to preserve the fields for playing competition fixtures, so if there’s is any doubt about ground suitability to train, we strongly urge you to err on the side of caution.

Monday – Friday, the decision regarding field use is the responsibility of the Council. Please use the App for wet weather updates:

For the KSFC fixtures on Saturday/Sunday, our Club has the responsibility for deciding whether the field is fit for play, whilst the referee for each match ultimately decides as the day progresses. Information about postponed fixtures will be passed on to relevant teams.

For fixtures throughout the season, you may access the following Newcastle Football website link:

Wet Weather Information

Please note: when training at the Nesbitt Park no training is to be conducted on the main field and at Lugar Park it is requested that no training be conducted in the goal mouth areas and for each team to remain in designated training area. Your cooperation with this request would be greatly appreciated.

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