2023 Registration Information and Calendar

Registration Fees

  • MiniRoos U6/U7                                              $200
  • MiniRoos U8-U11                                             $220
  • Competition U12-U18                                      $265
  • Seniors (O35s Sat/AAM/AAW)                        $400
  • Seniors – Friday Night (O35s/AAW/AAM)        $420
  • Women’s (O35s Monday night)                       $420
    (The additional $20/player fee for Fri/Mon Night teams goes toward the extra lighting cost).

A free pair of socks and shorts will be given to U5, U6 & U7 players who are new to the club.

At the Grading and Organisation days we will run a boot swap.

  • Registrations open on Monday 2nd January 2023 at http://www.playfootball.com.au
  • Previously 2022 registered players will have first preference for a place as long as they register within the specified dates. It will assist the club if returning players could please register AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.
  • Register to play in the age group that you are turning in 2023 – eg. players turning 7 in 2023 register in U7s.
  • For players wishing to PLAY UP a year above their age please ensure you register in the OLDER AGE GROUP. You must email the club executive@ksjfc.org to advise you wish to play up. Although we cannot guarantee that this can be accommodated, we will seek to do so. Players who played up a year in 2022 will be given preference to do so again in 2023.
  • Miniroos teams that wish to stay together in 2023 please email the team list to miniroos@ksjfc.org once all the players have registered. Include your nominated coach/manager and the age group.
  • U12 and older players must upload a Passport Style photo when registering. It MUST be a basic passport style front facing photo: no sunnies, no hat, no social media style editing etc. 
  • U12 and above “social team” applications are to be in by Friday 20th January 2023 to executive@ksjfc.org. Note that due to player numbers it may not be possible to accept a pre-arranged social team.
  • We cannot guarantee that teams forming up by adding new (to KSFC) players will be able to bring in those players as we must have space for returning players.
  • Registrations close 5pm Friday 10th February 2023, or earlier once maximum player numbers are reached in each age group.
  • If maximum registrations are reached before the closing date a waiting list will be developed to ensure all 2022 players can register.
  • All registrations are labelled ‘pending’ until the end of the registration period or when your age group is full, at which point you will be contacted with confirmation of your registration / allocation. We cannot tell you about team placements before this time.  Returning players who register on time (by 10th Feb 2023) will be given preferential placement in their age group. New players to the club will be assigned to a position in their age group after returning players have been allocated. Please keep an eye on our website www.ksjfc.org and /or facebook for updates.

2023 dates – also see the Calendar on ksjfc.org – to be updated