Return to Training and Games from Wednesday 12th August

Dear Kotara South FC Players and Members,

Thank you for your trust and patience this week. Thankfully to date there have been no additional Covid-19 infections identified in Newcastle. HNE Health has had time to assess the risk to individuals and advise those who need to self isolate to do so. NSW remains on high alert for new infections with new clusters occurring in Sydney and elsewhere.

Northern NSW Football have today updated their advice to all clubs and participants. Please review this in detail for specific locations and times spent at those locations that require strict self isolation and avoidance of all football activities for 14 days:
High risk local locations include specific times at the Bennett Hotel, Sydney Junction Hotel, Hotel Jesmond, Lambton Park Hotel, Bar 88 Wests New Lambton, Wallsend Diggers and the Number 26 Bus on 3rd August.

Based on this advice, at present the club’s position is that:

– Participation in training can commence (once our grounds are open) from Wednesday 12th August and in games this coming weekend for all members who are NOT required to self isolate for 14 days according to the advice of NNSWF and NSW Health.

– Every individual and family are encouraged to make their own decision about the safety of participating in training and games. Please let either your coach or the club know if you feel uncomfortable with participating. You will be fully supported.

– All members of our community are strongly advised to monitor for symptoms, self isolate and seek testing if they become unwell. People who have been at some locations including the Jets game on 2nd August, and other students of St Pius and St Francis Xavier College are advised to follow this advice with particular vigilance.

– Do not attend any football activities if you have any symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, unexplained headache or fatigue.

– Coaches and Managers please communicate with us about the capacity of your team to participate in games this weekend. If a team has insufficient numbers we will notify Newcastle Football of a “covid withdrawal” for that team.

– Please ensure the strictest of observance at training and games of:
  – Hand hygiene
  – Avoidance of physical contact with others where possible
  – Cleaning equipment and high touch surfaces with sanitising wipes
  – Physical distancing of at least 1.5m
  – Wear a mask if you are unable to effectively physically distance
  – Minimising spectators to one per player wherever possible
  – No mixing of players across teams.
  – Ensure that team sheets including for Miniroos are completed
  – Have the Covid Safe App switched on.

We will continue to monitor the safety of participating in football. The advice may be modified at any stage based on new information or recommendations from authorities.

Yours Faithfully,
Kotara South FC Committee