Game Day Tips for Teams

Some Final Tips for all teams for the exciting kick off to season 2020 this weekend!

Please follow the guidelines so that we can all stay safe. This may seem like a lot to follow, but it is the agreement we have made that is allowing us to play football at all this year. 🙂

1. Only attend if you are completely well. Stay home if you have a cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, loss of smell or unexplained lethargy.

2. Arrive no more than 15min before your game, play, and leave as soon as you can afterwards.

3. Use hand sanitiser and wipe down the match ball before and after the game.

4. No shared food or drinks, everyone must bring their own. Sorry but this means no ‘team’ oranges allowed. 🙁 NNSWF specifically mentioned this in a webinar recently

5. 1.5m physical distancing to be observed by all spectators and all sideline team members including when sitting on benches.

6. Coach or manager must wipe down all the sideline benches when they leave their game using the wipes supplied in your team kit.

7. No swapping of shirts or goalie gloves. There are 2 goalie shirts per kit, or an alternative coloured shirt can be worn if there’s no other option.

8. Inside the facilities please observe the signs showing maximum numbers of people allowed in each space at any one time.

9. The NSW Government have placed a limit of 500 people at any one venue. This shouldn’t be a problem for us although at Nesbitt Park on Saturday when Miniroos are playing we will need to keep to a maximum of 4 spectators per player, and require everyone to leave as soon as possible after their game.

10. Please download and turn on the CovidSAFE App whilst at all football activities.

Have fun out there this weekend, look after each other, oh and don’t forget to warm up before the game!