Season 2020 Update: Junior Football to start from 1st July

Dear Kotara South FC Members,

The NSW Government today announced that Sporting Competitions up to and including U18 can commence from July 1st, 2020. This welcome news aligns well with the preparations that have been made for a 14 round competition to commence on the first weekend in July. 

Kotara South FC is very fortunate to be in a position to continue to operate this season. We have developed a Covid-19 Safety Plan taking into consideration the requirements of the guidelines provided by Football Federation Australia, Northern NSW Football and City of Newcastle. We have a large group of dedicated volunteers being coaches, managers, and committee members who have worked through the steps required. We have sourced adequate supplies of hygiene products to provide to teams and at game days. Our club is financially stable.

This season will no doubt be different to usual in some ways. We will not be able to have a BBQ, and may or may not have a limited canteen service. There will be limits around how many people can be at the grounds at one time. There will be a 4 square metre space requirement per person. These restrictions are changing rapidly as the NSW Government responds to the changing risk of Covid-19 in the community.

We will need some additional volunteers on game days to help with maintaining a safe environment at the grounds, encouraging physical distancing and making available hand hygiene product. We are confident that the volunteering requirement will not be onerous. If all club members consider ourselves responsible for modelling the best practice possible in following recommended guidelines then we will positively influence those around us. 

We are of the understanding that following our request for members to communicate with their coaches and managers about their intentions for participating in this season, that the large majority of players have indicated that they are able to continue. We are of the understanding that all of our teams are currently viable to continue. If you have not yet been in contact with your coach or manager please do so soon to confirm this. If you have decided that for health reasons you do not wish to continue to participate in this season then please email the club and we will work though the de-registration process with you.

At our Team Kit collection day on Sunday a coach or manager from each team was provided with everything necessary to commence training safely and with good hygiene practices. The team kit includes hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes for cleaning equipment, and a poster with instructions for coaches to go cover with their teams at the start of each session. Please take a few minutes to read the Northern NSW Football Level 1 Guideline so that you are well prepared for attending training:

Please note that we cannot commence training at the moment. Having submitted the necessary safety plan we are awaiting the granting of a licence by City of Newcastle to use the grounds. We hope this will be available within the next week. We will advise as soon as we are given this licence.

A summary of the key points for safe training is below. 

  •  No person or player should attend a training session if they have in the last 14 days:
    • Been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough or sore throat), or
    • Been in contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19, or
    • Returned from overseas travel (including cruise ships)
  • Training is for essential people only – ie. the coach, players, and necessary additional people. This may include a parent if they are needed for helping to maintain order for younger age groups. Other parents and family members need to stay away from the training area and off the field. Staying in your car is recommended. 
  • Only 10 people (ie. up to 9 players plus a coach) can be in the one training area. 
  • Maintain 1.5m distance from those around you.
  • Greet each other without touching. No high fives, no hugs. No spitting. 
  • All players must bring their own, name-labelled drink bottle. No use of bubblers. 
  • Arrive no more than 5 minutes before training, fully kitted, ready to train and with clean hands. 
  • Leave straight after training, no congregating or socialising at training or near the training areas. 
  • Coaches have access to resources and guidelines to follow at training to maintain a safe environment. These include: no direct contact between players (unless accidental), avoid unnecessary handling of equipment and footballs, use of hand sanitizer at the start and end of training, and in between if there are drinks breaks.
  • The coach or manager will maintain a record of attendance using TeamApp. Please ensure you have signed up for this – ask your coach or manager initially if in doubt, contact the club if having further difficulties. 
  • We recommend downloading the CovidSafe App to your phone and having it on when attending all football activities including training

We are confident that everyone will understand and follow these guidelines to the best of their ability. The opportunity for football to continue relies upon us adhering to the guidelines. If we are found to be failing to take due care we risk losing this opportunity to bring back the fun of community football for our kids and families. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the committee, we can be contacted at our email addresses available on the website, or by phone. 

Yous faithfully, 

Damien Whittaker

Tel: 0425 318 243