Coach and Manager Information and Team Kit Collection This Sunday 31/5/20

Dear KSFC Coaches and Managers, 

🎉This Sunday 31st May at Nesbitt Park we will be distributing the team kits! 🎉
This email contains a lot of information that you must be aware of. Please work through it all so that you are well prepared to inform and lead your team. 
In order to maintain physical distancing and gathering size requirements there is a timetable that we will follow which you will find further below. 
We are unlikely to be able to distribute light pole keys on Sunday as we must await council releasing these to us. We will endeavour to have these available as rapidly as possible.  
– ONLY ONE person from each team attends to collect the team kit. If NEITHER coach nor manager are available please delegate to another person on your team as we cannot easily arrange alternative times for collection. 
– Anyone who is unwell with cough, sore throat or fever must not attend. 
– Arrive on time and leave once you have collected your kit, before the next group arrives. 
– Physical distancing of >1.5m should be maintained. 
– Hand hygiene is to be followed including the use of hand sanitiser on arrival and when leaving.
– We will need to record the name and telephone number of the person collecting your team kit for attendance record keeping purposes.
– We encourage all club members to download the Australian Government CovidSafe App and for you to have it turned on whilst attending all football related activities.
Our Gear Stewards Belinda and Dan will be managing the distribution of team kit, bags, cones and balls. If you have any issues with gear or kit you can email to  or contact Dan on 0488 588 511.
Your team MUST have submitted Working With Children Checks for both Coach and Manager and designated Assistant Coach(s) in order to receive your team kit. You would have received emails from our WWCC Coordinator Megan if we do not yet have your WWCC number. All coaches and managers should have registered on PlayFootball and recorded your number when registering.   
Hand Sanitiser
We have ordered 500ml hand sanitiser bottles that will be provided, one to each team, to be used at training and when competition commences. These must be kept available, stored in the kit bag at all times. Note that if your team is split, the coach or manager will be required to have each of the groups using the sanitiser separately to each other, rather than mingling around the kit bag. We are investigating options for re-filling these bottles as required.
We suggest that each player have their own hand sanitiser also that they either keep in their car to use before and after training, or if they are bringing their own bag to training leave it in there to use as needed. 
Sanitising Wipes
Each kit will include a packet of 80 high quality chlorhexidine containing sanitising wipes. These are to be used to wipe down any equipment that has been used at training so that it is clean for the next training session. Any goal posts, poles, balls, cones should be wiped over. If they are visibly soiled, they should be rinsed clean with water BEFORE using the sanitizing wipes. Kit bag straps and the bag can also be wiped with these if needed.
Team / Player Education Poster
An A4 Laminated poster developed by NNSWF will be included in your kit. This must be used at the start of each training session to explain to the team the requirements for safe training, physical distancing and hygiene. It is visual and simple and should take very little time to cover with your team. See attached for the pdf of this poster.
Daniel our Treasurer will be there to talk with you about setting up and using the KSFC TeamApp. Daniel can help you with any issues or questions you have and the functions we will require you to use. This will include keeping an attendance record at training sessions. 
Please ensure that you have signed up for TeamApp before Sunday:
To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your smartphone. Download Team App here ( Its 100% FREE.
Launch Team App.
1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
2. Log in. Then search for KSFC and request access to group(s) that apply to you  
** Please note that we require you to use the email address with which you registered on PlayFootball for all club communications including TeamApp registration. This will prevent problems with missing key communications. **
**We have been advised that a small number of people haven’t been receiving the emails going out to our coach and manager mailing list. Maybe check with your co-coach or manager on your team that you are all receiving these emails, and contact the club immediately if not so we can correct any errors in our mailing list**
I will be there to discuss the implementation of guidelines for returning to football training. Please familiarise yourself with the Guideline document from NNSWF linked below so that we can discuss and clarify any issues before you commence training. 
This link also has coach resources including details of 4 webinars that will be held soon for coaches to learn about managing training within physical distancing guidelines. There are also some training activity suggestions available. 
The Timetable for Sunday 31/5/2020 at Nesbitt Park:
8:30am   6 teams:  U6/1 to U6/6
9:00am   6 teams:  U6/7 to U7/3
9:30am   6 teams:  U7/4 to U7/9
10:00am 6 teams:  U7/10 to U8/3
10:30am  5 teams:  U8/4 to U8/10
11:00am  6 teams:  U9/1 to U9/6
11:30am  6 teams:  U9/7 to U10/7
12:00pm 6 teams:  U11/1 to U13/1 (mixed)
12:30pm 6 teams:  U14/1 to U18/1 (mixed), and Girls U12
1:00pm   6 teams:  Girls U13 to AAW/O35W
1:30pm   6 teams:  AAM and/to O35M
We look forward to seeing (some of) you this Sunday 😀
Please let me know if you have any questions or spot any problems with the information provided,  
Kind Regards
Damien Whittaker
President, KSFC
T: 0425 318 243