2020 Football Season Update

Dear Tigers

Firstly, thank you for your ongoing patience as we wait for news on how the 2020
season may progress. As you are probably aware, from Friday 15 th May the NSW
State Government is easing physical distancing restrictions so that up to ten people
will be allowed to gather in public. While this easing does not yet allow for the
resumption of training or football competition, it certainly starts to pave the way for
this season to commence.

As such, with the information currently available to us from the football governing
bodies (FFA, Northern NSW Football and Newcastle Football) and the NSW State
Government, we will outline here a picture of what this season might look like for
2020. Please be aware that much of what is being planned will depend on when
physical distancing rules are eased further to allow for larger gatherings of greater than 10 people.

We are hoping to gather information from each team, via the coaches and
managers, about how the proposed season will impact team members. Your
coaches and managers will be in touch after this communication to get your
feedback and will get that information to the committee. Please understand that
given the large number of members Kotara South FC enjoys and the general
uncertainty around the government restrictions the committee at this stage is not in a 
position to respond to individual questions, your coaches and managers are your
best point of contact.

At this stage, if football is given permission to start, we anticipate the 2020 season
will start on the first weekend of July (4 / 5 July) with the following proposed:

  • No football the middle weekend of the July school holidays (11/12 July).
  • No football on the October long weekend.
  • No reset for washout matches.  One point awarded to each team is the thinking at this stage (to be confirmed).
  • 14 rounds.
  • No final series, Premiers only (competition teams).
  • For those comps with extra matches above 14 (6 & 10 team comp plus ZFL), the additional rounds will be scheduled midweek.
  • Competition begins weekend 3 / 4 / 5 July
  • Competition ends 17/18/19 October (both miniroos and competition teams)

In addition to these changes the 2020 season will likely require greater numbers of
volunteers to ensure adequate physical distancing, particularly at game change over
times. Furthermore, to reduce numbers on the ground each player will likely only be
allowed to have one parent/carer watching on the field.

There is unlikely to be any access to change rooms and to reduce the number of
players at the fields, warm up times will be reduced to 15 minutes prior to games,
with players encouraged to warm up before arriving where possible.

The football governing authorities are currently negotiating with the summer sports
groups (cricket and Little Athletics) about potential overlapping of the use of sports

With all of this in mind we would like players and /or their parents to speak with their
coaches and managers about these changes and how they impact you / your child.
Overwhelmingly players have so far been keen to get back on the field regardless of
the anticipated changes.

We want to get a firmer idea of any changes to team numbers and also some
feedback on preferences around playing through the holidays / long weekend. We
cannot offer any options to change the competition set up as this is determined by
the governing authorities, but will send your feedback to Newcastle Football in the
event there is significant enthusiasm to play through the holidays, or concerns
around your ability to contribute to the increased need for volunteers.

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and enthusiasm to play. Your coaches
and managers will be in touch soon to discuss your thoughts on the season. 

On behalf of the Kotara South Football Club Committee, 

Damien Whittaker
T: 0425 318 243