KSFC Need Your Help – Urgent Volunteer Roles Need Filling

Dear Parents and Players,
I’m writing to follow up on the below email, regarding the executive positions that need to be filled at the upcoming AGM this Sunday 3rd November at 4pm, at Nesbitt Clubhouse.  We have had the role of treasurer filled (thank you!!!), however still need people to step forward to fill the following roles:
  • President 
  • Secretary
If the two above positions are not filled, then under our constitution, we are not able to continue to run the club: essentially it will fold, and the surrounding clubs do not have the capacity to absorb the amount of players that we have.  
By no means do we want this to happen, but we do urgently need some new people to come into these roles.  Those currently on the committee and executive are maxed out in their current roles, with work and family commitments taken into consideration, and are unable to move toward either of the roles above.  
Summary descriptions of the roles can be found here – summary of available roles. if you have any questions about any of the roles, please ask them and we will answer as soon as we can.
If you have any interest at all in either role, could you please email through Damien Whittaker: secretary@ksjfc.org as a matter of urgency, to express an interest in these roles. 
Also, if you intend to come along to the AGM on Sunday, an email to let us know this as well would be fantastic.
We have faith that a number of excellent people will step forward to fill the President and Secretary roles, however, we are running out of time.  
Please email through as soon as possible so that we can plan beyond the AGM.
Kind Regards,
Catherine Burman
Vice President and Female Participation Officer, KSFC