My Community Grant – Nesbitt Park, Kotara South Re-surfacing

You can help us win funding to resurface Nesbitt Park in Kotara South, this will help four schools and local sporting clubs.

What can I do to help?

You can help our local park get a much-needed upgrade. The NSW Government is using an online public vote to fund community projects.

Using the map, identify who you know in the area and ask them to vote for Nesbitt Park – Re-Surfacing.  This could include family, friends, neighbours, schools, local businesses, co-workers and other sporting clubs who use the grounds.  Consider using your social media networks, school newsletters, community groups and email.

If you know someone who doesn’t have access to a computer or the internet and they would still like to vote, offer to help them by using your phone or laptop to help them cast their vote.

Attached is a map and promotional posters to use via email and posting via social media networks. 

How can I vote?

To vote, follow the steps at

You will need to use your Service NSW account login details, you will already have one, if you use Service NSW online for anything, as in registration of a car, motorbike etc, if you currently don’t use Service NSW online, you will need to create an account.

Each person, who is voting, will need to use a different email address and password for their account.

You will then be required to follow the steps of identity validation, this includes entering your postal address and your Medicare number.

Our Project

You will need to enter ‘Charlestown’ Electorate and look for Nesbitt Park – Re-surfacing

You are able to select a minimum of 3 projects and a maximum of 5 to vote for, add these to your ‘shortlist’

Once added to your shortlist, click on view your shortlist and order the projects in order with 1 being the highest (Nesbitt Park – Re-surfacing)

Then submit your vote

Can anyone vote?

To vote, you must, live in the state electorate of Charlestown, be over 16 and have a valid Medicare card.

When does voting close?

Voting will close 15 August 2019.

Who uses Nesbitt Park?

Nesbitt Park is a popular public park open to everyone.

Four local schools use the park for athletics carnivals, cross country, and school sports.

It is the home ground for the following sports clubs:

*       Kotara South Football Club
*       Kotara South Senior Football Club
*       Kotara South Netball Club
*       Kotara South Athletics Club
*       Kotara Cricket Club
*       Tigers Junior Cricket Club.

Why is resurfacing needed?

Due to the popularity of Nesbitt Park, the current surface has deteriorated due to wear and tear. 

This project will replace and improve the turf surface of the main field with a harder wearing more durable grass. 

Why can’t I vote for Nesbitt Park?

While you can see projects across NSW, you can only vote for projects in your electorate.

To vote for the Nesbitt Park – Re-surfacing, you need to live in the electorate of Charlestown, please see the boundary map.